The Cambridge Bilingual Programme offers you brand new, fully integrated English Language and Science courses for Primary: Life Adventures and Cambridge Science.

This unique programme unites different strengths to improve the learning experience, with three integrated courses which mutually support each other. What is learnt in English helps understand the Science content, while at the same time the Science courses reinforce language learning.

Where life meets science

A fully integrated syllabus for Primary bilingual schools.

A shared methodology, based on student-centred learning, focuses on problem solving and collaborative learning, giving students more confidence when passing from the English class to the Science class.

A strong emphasis on life skills, based on the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, promotes life-long learning.

A gradual but comprehensive approach to external exams prepares students and helps take the stress out of the exam experience.

Our unique collaboration with Cambridge Assessment English guarantees and validates that what you teach is what they need.

Cambridge University

In Cambridge we have been supporting the sciences through the University and the Press for 5 centuries. A wealth of experience which we now pass on to children and teachers in bilingual schools.